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Fully customize your services, adjust waiter & drop-off settings, and watch as appointments magically appear in your management system calendar.

"70% of consumers prefer to schedule an appointment online"

Can they at your shop?

Elevate your customer experience today with Shopgenie's FREE scheduler.

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No more phone calls and back-and-forths. Customers can schedule what they need online in less than 5 clicks. When a returning customer uses the scheduling tool, Shopgenie will welcome them back, know their vehicle, and even up-sell previously declined jobs.

Your service advisors will love you

Save your Service Advisors time by reducing the complicated and repetitive appointment request phone calls. Customers give them all the details they need upfront so they know what to expect.

Never get double booked

Don't take waiter appointments? Or only take 2 waiters per day? No problem. Our tool allows full flexibility for waiter/drop-off settings. Shopgenie knows your schedule, so there's never over-booking.

“Customers absolutely love booking online with Shopgenie, especially when we're closed on weekends, and it's a huge weight off of our service advisors shoulders. Thanks to the appointment reminders, we have basically 0 no-shows now. I can't believe this thing is free.”


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